Advent Calender 9th: My film projector

imagesCAHLHQW7The 2012 Advent Calender: For the 25 days of Christmas, I will be blogging each day about a miscellaneous thing I love. Not necessarily a big thing, not necessarily a small thing and not in any order.

A friend of mine likes to buy things on impulse on eBay only to realize that, in the case of a film project, they are useless if you paint your wall blue days later. Which was how it came to find its way to my flat in Manchester, which conveniently has a very large white wall.

Picture, if you will, Doctor Who, eight foot tall.


Good, isn’t it?

Now just close your eyes and picture something even better.


Mario Kart for the Wii. Eight foot tall.

And now you all understand why I love my film projector.


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