REVIEW: (The City Boy Reads…) Echo Boy – Matt Haig

th (3)This review comes courtesy of my flatmate, the City Boy.

Sum it up in a few sentences:

A dystopian(ish) future, in which everyone lives solitary, isolated lives. Audrey discovers that her parents have been murdered by an Echo – biological robots used as servants. She runs away to her industrialist leader Uncle and becomes involved in a scandal, with her Uncle at the centre…

What was good?

Haig’s writing style is excellent – funny and slyly irreverent without being at the expense of drama. He makes you engage with the characters, and really care, and as with his other books he makes you not want to stop reading.

What wasn’t so great?

The beginning is quite confusing – it takes a while to get your head around what’s happening, where they are, etc. Otherwise, generally excellent.

I don’t read YA. Why should I read this?

Because, although being a light and easy read, it does still contain drama. The characters are complex and the exploration of humanity and our attitudes towards people are subtle and engaging.

Overall opinion?

Great – a really good book. Recommended to fans of Matt Haig’s previous works, and it does have a feel of classic sci-fi – as well as being happily in the Divergent/Hunger Games camp…

Review copy provided by Netgalley.


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