#bookaday – 3. Book with a blue cover


Continuing the #bookaday blogging with…

3. Book with a blue cover – Ink by Hal Duncan


Awesome, the category all writers want to win. The coveted ‘book with blue cover’ award.

Seriously though, this post is really shameless boasting.

See, I was introduced to Hal Duncan’s writing by a guy I had a crazy, mad crush on. I was convinced the ridiculous happenstance of our meeting was fate (it was not) and, enamoured with the synchronicity of our literary and music tastes, waded into reading his favourite novel, a novel called Vellum. Shortly thereafter, prompted by my behaviour which could be best termed immature and at worst, sociopathic, I never spoke to him again. A year or so later I read the sequel, Ink, by which time I had completely forgotten the origins of my Duncan-fanboying.

In fact, it didn’t occur to me again until this year, when I ended up mixed up in a handful of Duncan projects. I designed the deluxe edition of Scruffians! and, all being well, a story of his will feature in my first anthology as editor (an endeavour which requires me to email and converse cohesively, and not just bash the keyboard with uncontained excitement – I’m getting better.)

I’m legitimately proud of these projects for the work I’ve done. But there’s a little, queeny, smartarse part of me that remembers my soulmate-not-to-be from over half a decade ago and thinks ha! That showed you!

(By the way, the book’s great. Just in case that message got lost through the white noise of me being a terrible person.)


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