#bookaday 4 – Least favourite book by favourite author


Continuing blogging through #bookaday with:

4. Least favourite book by favourite author – Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman


I love Neil Gaiman. Ocean at the End of the Lane probably ranks as my favourite book of last year, and Neverwhere is wonderful, as is Sandman and American Gods. Anansi Boys, though? Limp, uninteresting and rather lacking in sparkle. I’m not even sure if I’d have liked it from the hand of another writer, but coming from Neil Gaiman it’s a horrible disappointment.

Also ran: The Bloodstone Papers by Glen Duncan, Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneggar…


7 thoughts on “#bookaday 4 – Least favourite book by favourite author

  1. What, seriously? This book has been on my FTBR list (f = future. I can’t, in good conscience, buy anymore at the moment) for ages. American Gods was so amazing, this is actually a little heartbreaking.

    • Yeah sorry 😦 in fairness, others I know and love will defend the book. I’m a huge Gaimanite, but I would never in a million years pick up Anansi Boys again. He has many much better novels. Like Ocean at the End of the Lane, which is sublime.

      • Amen to that Ocean at the End of the Lane is stupendous. Completely brilliant. And Neverwhere? I love it.
        Have you read “A Study In Green”? Gaiman tackles Sherlock Holmes 🙂 It’s a short story and it’s just…magnificent.
        As you may be able to tell, I’m a huge Gaimaniac 😛

      • I have read all of these 🙂 have you read his new Marquis short story yet? It’s in an anthology released last month but I haven’t tracked it down yet.

        I saw him live in conversation in London (and got a signed Ocean!) and he was just brilliant.

      • You’ve seen Gaiman in London? And MET him? I think I’ve just turned green. My favourite author, in my favourite city? Jesus….

        There’s a Marquis de Carabas short story?!?!?!?! Not I haven’t read it yet!! Which anthology is this? I have “Fragile Things” but “Smoke and Mirrors” is in my FTBR pile.
        Damnit, Gaiman!

      • It’s called How The Marquis Got His Coat, I think. It’s not in his collection, it’s part of an anthology of various authors. It was released last month, I remember him mentioning it on Facebook. Although at the talk he teased a Neverwhere sequel called Seven Sisters :p

      • Looking that up now. I love the Marquis. He’s just so sassy. And he makes me want to remember the story of Puss In Boots. I only remember bits and pieces. It’s a shameful testament to my childhood really.

        The Seven Sisters?! D’you think Door had six sisters? Ohhh the possibilities.

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