#bookaday – 6. Book I always give as a gift…

20140604-232101-84061927.jpg Blogging through #bookaday, on into… 6. Book I always give as a gift – The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenneggar

20140604-232209-84129915.jpg I don’t actually tend to give books as gifts (at least, not well thought out ones. I’ve sent my mother books on 1960s midwifery and John books by drag queens, but nothing too discerning…) However, there’s one book that I have bought at least four times, as when I lend it out it frequently gets leant out to another person at a further remove, on the strength of the book. The Time Traveller’s Wife! I read it when I was sixteen because someone told me there was a scene where he went back and sucked himself off, and that sounded quite hot, but that doesn’t really set the tone very accurately. It’s wonderful. If you haven’t read it, sort yourself out.


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