#bookaday – 8. Have more than one copy


Blogging through June for #bookaday (and playing catchup). Next up is…

8. Have more than one copy.


Harry Potter was, as it was for a lot of people I know, the books of my childhood and adolescence. When I saw the final film at the cinema, a large selection of twenty-somethings stood up to applaud at the end, as the whole endeavour finally rolled to a halt.

As for the books – I actually first read (or didn’t read) Harry Potter as an audiobook. The books had been banned in my Christian family (although, to be fair, fairly unthinkingly – when I did read them, openly, my parents went out and bought a book called ‘Should your child read Harry Potter’, educated themselves, and changed their minds pretty quickly) but the audiobook slipped past unnoticed at the library. I raced through the next three, and then began busily collecting the actual books. Now, I’m a collector. I like having a large amount of books. I like scouring second hand bookshops for loot. And if I love a series, I feel the urge to buy a copy every time I see them. So, at one point, I had four sets of the series – children’s covers and adult covers in hardback and paperback respectively. These days, I’ve confined myself to only two sets – the hardbacks of both covers.

Also ran: Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series. I’m not sure why, but I was such a big fan of the series that I would compulsively buy them if I spotted them in a second hand bookshop. Even if I already had it.


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