#bookaday – 14. An old favourite

20140604-232101-84061927.jpgBlogging through June with #bookaday, and today is…

14. An old favourite

my edition

Looking at my shelves, there don’t really seem to be many books that I re-read. (Harry Potter, perhaps? But I’ve already talked about them this month. Really, it’s films and TV I return to time and time again.) The closest to giving me that feeling – the feeling of returning to an old favourite with roots that creep all the way back to your dim and distant memory – is the Sherlock Holmes stories. I’ve read comparatively few of them firsthand, but my father was always a huge fan. He had read them all, and could recite the plots at will. He told me the stories himself, and so growing up I had a pretty good working knowledge of the key clues, the big reveals and the cunning disguises. Which meant that, when I read a few last year as research for a story, I found myself in the curious intersection between complete familiarity and discovering something entirely new.

Also in the running: Harry Potter, Brenda and Effie…


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