#bookaday – 9. Film or tv tie-in


Blogging through June with #bookaday, and we’re on to…

9. Film or TV Tie-in


Half my bookcase is film and TV tie-ins (Doctor Who mostly, these days. But I used to own 300+ Star Wars books.) I’ve go all sorts I could have picked from, but I thought I’d go with the most esoteric, which is the beautiful full-colour scriptbook for Mirrormask. The film was written by Neil Gaiman and directed by one of my favourite artists, Dave McKean, and came out while I was in college. At the time of release, it didn’t get UK distribution (and this was before the world of downloading, really) so when this showed up in Waterstones it was my only way of catching any glimpse of the film.

(If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. A cult film to be sure, but classic Gaiman.)

Also in the running: half my bookshelves. Although I’m currently reading the 11 Doctors, 11 Stories anthology…


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