#bookaday – 17. Future classic


Blogging through June with #bookaday, and now we’ve reached…

17. Future classic


What an absurdly hard question. There’s plenty of answers I’d like to give – plenty of books I think deserve to be classics – but scrutinising my shelves there weren’t many I could see gaining the impetus to actually be enshrined in that way. It’s really a matter of luck and the good fortune of recognition, really.

If there’s any I can see likely to take a place in the hall of fame, it’s Neil Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of the Lane. Some of my acquaintances number among its detractors, but for my part I thought it was a beautiful, elegant novel, and haunting in the quiet way that runs soft fingers along the blustery edges of your childhood memories. American Gods, and to a lesser degree Neverwhere, are in that hinterland of being considered classics – or at least, staples of their genre – and I really think Ocean at the End of the Lane stands a chance of being another.


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