#bookaday – 24. Hooked me into reading


Blogging through June with #bookaday, and today is…

24. Hooked me in to reading


I’m probably, on paper, the least likely person to enjoy a book about a female sex worker. I watched the show because Billie Piper was in it and, if I squinted, I could probably believe it was a pretty kinky spin-off of Doctor Who. And then I loved the show, and then I loved the book.

Belle du Jour – revealed shortly after I finished reading as Dr. Brooke Magnanti – is a very good writer, but in that way that you don’t notice. There’s nothing literary or pretentious about the book, but her absolute frankness and unapologetic nature hook you in, and before you know it you’ve sped through the book, and you’ve come out the other side surprised that the book is neither as trashy as you’d might expect or as morally degraded as the Daily Mail would like it to be.


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