COVER DESIGN: Mrs Danby and Company – Paul Magrs

I’m very excited to finally be able to reveal a project I’ve been working on – the cover and interior design for Mrs Danby and Company. If you have even a passing acquaintance with my reading habits, you’ll know much I love his Brenda and Effie series, and so I was delighted to be involved with this. Mrs Danby and Company is a bonkers steampunk epic that takes in underwater kingdoms in the Atlantic, New York, Mars and the lair of giant spiders, featuring some what-do-you-mean-copyright pastiches of familiar figures from the annals of classic fiction – and a fair few from the extended universe of Mr Magrs too.

Artwork below!

mrs danby advert 2



4 thoughts on “COVER DESIGN: Mrs Danby and Company – Paul Magrs

  1. I hate to admit it but I have never heard of that author. I just looked him up on Amazon and added a lot to my TBR want list. About to go to the library website to see if they have any books of his I can reserve. I really prefer going to the library and looking for books on the shelves myself buuuuut i’ve found thats hard to do with an antisocial 4 month old baby.

    • Yeah I can imagine that makes it trickier.

      I’m a huge fan of Paul Magrs – he’s got a unique style that I’ve never seen elsewhere, although it tends to be polarising – people seem to absolutely love or hate. I recommend the Brenda and Effie series, starting with Never The Bride, they’re great.

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