NEWS: ‘Clockwork Cairo’ and ‘Gents’

In February and March respectively, I have my first two anthologies as editor coming out, The Myriad Carnival and Threesome. And ‘cos I’m a sucker for punishment, I’m editing more this year!

First up is Gents: Steamy Stories From The Age of Steam, a second erotica anthology for Lethe, which will feature gay-male erotic stories from the Victorian/Edwardian era. It’s an open call for submissions, and I’m looking for well-written, inventive and saucy stories that really explore the idiosyncrasies of that era’s sexuality. If you think you have a story that would fit, or want to write one, the details are here.

Second is Clockwork Cairo, which will be the inaugural title of my publishing imprint Twopenny Books. I’ve been dreaming of putting together this anthology for a couple of years, and with the completion of Myriad Carnival decided now was the time to put the gears into motion. Clockwork Cairo will be an anthology of steampunk tales set in, or themed on, Egypt. If the cogs continue to turn as they are doing now, there will be stories from some well-known names in the steampunk literary world, and although I can’t reveal any names until contracts are signed etc., it’s personally been great fun getting involved with writers whose work I admire greatly.

For the meantime, Clockwork Cairo is by invitation, but towards the end of the process when I have a firm table of contents, I will have a short open submissions window to fill a few extra stories.


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