NEWS: The Myriad Carnival IS OUT

It’s finally, finally here. It seems a very long time since I first began work on what would eventually become The Myriad Carnival, but it’s finally released upon the world. It’s available in paperback and ebook, with audiobook coming soon.

BUY: Direct from publisher / Smashwords Ebook / Amazon US Paperback /
Amazon US ebook / Amazon UK paperback / Amazon UK ebook

Themed around the mysterious carnival, it features stories from Paul Magrs, Hal Duncan, Roy Gill, Nick Campbell, Evey Brett, Kate Harrad, B.R. Sanders, Evan J. Peterson, Raymond Luczak, Sarah Caulfield, Michael Leonberger, Daniel Hale, M.Regan, and poetry from Mark Ward, Kelda Crich and Christopher Black. Watch the trailer:

Publishers Weekly called it ‘strange, eerie and poignant…a quality compilation’ and just in this week, Amazing Stories said ‘like a barker luring unsuspecting marks, The Myriad Carnival takes readers into the dark shadows behind the curtain, introducing them to the mystical world of the strange, the remarkable, and the macabre…’

Over on the Lethe Press facebook and twitter, we’ve been sharing out excerpts from the book (a completely collection of which I’ll post in a few days) plus a short interview with yours truly…


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