20 Minute Design Challenge 2016 – Part I

Hey, I design books. Did you know? That’s me, over at Inkspiral Design. I love my job, so much so I even do my job when no-ones paying. Like this: last year I set myself a challenge to design book covers for my ten favourite books of the year. The rules are simple: I have exactly twenty minutes at my computer to create them, and that is all. (Wanna see last year’s?)

And so, presenting part one of this year’s challenge.

Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter

Notes: not much to say, really!  Bunch of vectors in layers, with typography.

Smoke by Dan Vyleta

Notes: stock photos processed with the Sandstorm action (via graphicriver), plus typography and some other doctored images, then run through Prisma.

Puppet Boy by Christian Baines

Notes: Suspiria is featured in the book a number of times, and thus… my version!

The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker

Notes: stock photos run through sandstorm and fire actions, plus vectors, typography, etc. The ‘and’ ambigram can be found here; I’d normally source public or stock images, but, well, time. Whole thing processed by Prisma.

Rings of Anubis.jpg

The Rings of Anubis by E. Catherine Tobler

Notes: straightforward; this one’s all photoshop and stock photos…

Still to come on the 20 minute design challenge: the Power of Dark by Robin Jarvis, Boo by Neil Smith, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Husky by Justin Sayre and Lolito by Ben Brooks.


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