CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Queer horror for Halloween podcast

If I haven’t shouted about it enough, I’ve just started a new podcast. An Earful of Queer is a monthly show hosted by me, interviewing queer writers about their work, and our first episode just went live with me ol’ mate Steve Berman in the guest chair. Coming up we have Mark Ward (poet and editor of Impossible Archetype) and ‘Nathan Burgoine (author of Light, Triad Blood and the forthcoming Triad Soul) with other guests for the year to be announced.

So why this call for submissions? Well here’s the thing I’d like to do: I want to put out a Halloween special edition of the podcast, not with interviews with with short snippets of readings from queer horror fiction. It’s a slightly odd call, but here’s the details:

What I need:

– A excerpt from existing fiction (i.e. reprint) that would translate up to about ten minutes on audio (that’s anything up to about 1500 words, very roughly)

– Ideally I need either: an existing audio recording (if you already have an audiobook of your work, and retain the rights, or have a publisher willing to let us air an excerpt*); the ability for you to record yourself reading it in high quality audio (i.e. a good semi-pro level microphone, though iPhone handsfree mics approach that level). A third possibility is I can narrate an excerpt myself, so if you’re up for this but can’t record, don’t self-censor, but please let me know.

*Lethe audiobooks have already been cleared!

What I can offer:

That dreaded bloody word: exposure. And yes, I fully expect that to be a deal breaker for many. That’s okay, I understand.

Our first episode has racked up 200 listens in its first few days, and it’s not even filtered through to iTunes yet. Hopefully by October our audience will have grown even further. Whilst I can’t offer recompense, I can offer you a segment of self promo alongside each story to shout about your current projects.

How to submit:

If this sounds like your bag, please send me an email to with:

– Subject line: Halloween submission 

– The excerpt that you’d use only

– Let me know what you have available (e.g. audiobook clip, able to record, etc.)

Let’s take it from there…


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