CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | Gents: Steamy Tales from the Age of Steam

Gentsv2Open call for submission for:

Title: Gents: Steamy Stories from the Age of Steam (releasing summer 2017)

Publisher: Lethe Press

Overview: Seeking gay male erotica set during the Victorian/Edwardian era. Content level can range from the mildy steamy to the burning hot. Original fiction preferred, but reprints considered.

Length: <6k words; longer stories will be considered, but not preferred. (If in doubt, submit anyway.)

Payment: 3 cents per word / reprints 1 cent per word. Cap: 6k words. Payment upon publication.


  • My editorial preference is for erotica that feature strong character and story, rather than simply who-put-what-where type stories.
  • I want the anthology to be diverse and eclectic. That means above and beyond stories that simply feature men in top hats, I’d love to see stories that really explore the oddities of Victorian era sex lives. So that’s diversity in characters regarding age, body types, backgrounds, etc.–so Victorian waifs and urchins are more than welcome, but there’s lots of others I’d like to see–and diversity in genre (steampunk! spec fic! surrealism!) and setting (London is great, but you can venture outside.)
  • Lethe Press always aims to represent the entire queer spectrum of identities, and with that in mind I welcome stories featuring genderqueer, trans* or otherwise non-cisgender, non-binary, etc., providing in some way the story meets the theme of ‘Gents’. As before, if in doubt, submit anyway.

Submit to: Subject line: ‘Gents submission / AUTHOR NAME.’ Queries welcome.

Deadline: May 1st 2016. Currently we anticipate re-opening submissions again once I have been through existing submissions, but this is not a guarantee so if you have a story you’d like to submit, don’t wait! (If you wanted to submit, but don’t think you can finish in time, drop me an email…)