Between The Lines (with Christopher Black) (forthcoming 2016)

Short Stories



The Library of Lost Things, publisher to be announced – forthcoming.
A cosmic library, a sinister librarian, and a boy with a secret. Fantasy short story, coming August 2017.

In Search of Stars, GlitterShip podcast – forthcoming.

A magic realist tale of repression, fear, and flight, set in a queasy mid-century world of speakeasies and diners. 

The Concubine’s Heart, Steampunk Universe (ed. by Sarah Hans, Alliteration Press) – forthcoming
Concubines, cannibalism and clockwork. Also, lesbians.

Antonia and Cleopatra, Clockwork Cairo (ed. by, er, me, for Twopenny Press)
A ridiculous slice of steampunk farce featuring my favourite side-character from my novel-in-progress, Cleopatra Bonny, a Victorian brothel madam.

The Ragged School, A Treasury of Brenda and Effie (ed. by Paul Magrs, Obverse Books)
The continuing adventures of Paul Magrs’ Brenda, the Bride of Frankenstein who owns a B&B in Whitby. When a mysterious new school opens on the moors, Brenda finds all sorts of sinister things occurring: scratching in the walls, body parts on the loose, and long-buried memories welling up from her past. Read the debrief post.

Iris and the Dame, A Clockwork Iris (ed. by Paul Magrs, Stuart Douglas & George Mann, Obverse Books)
The continuing adventures of Paul Magrs’ Iris Wildthyme. Iris and Panda get gin in the gears of the number 22 and wind up in a world of clockwork carnivals, dirigible dragons and other assorted weirdness. Read the debrief post.


Eyebrows and Fish, A Target For Tommy (ed. by Paul Magrs & Stuart Douglas, Obverse Books)
Doctor Who charity fanthology! The Twelfth Doctor meets the Silence in 1920s Melbourne, alongside a lady detective by the name of Miss Fish(er!). Read the debrief post. Read the story.

Director’s Cut, Harlot Media (serialised as: PART ONE / PART TWO / PART THREE)
Twisty queer meta-spec-fic weirdness. Read the debrief post.

What A Coincidence!, Men In Love (ed. by Jerry L. Wheeler; Bold Strokes Books)
Meetcute with maybe-time-travel. (Not a spoiler.) Read the debrief post.

The Last Drag Show On Earth, Revolutions: Manchester Speculative Fiction (ed. by Eric Steele; Manchester Speculative Fiction Group)
Future-sf drag noir ghost story, set on Manchester’s Canal Street. Read the debrief post.

Time To Dance, Threesome: Him, Him and Me (ed. by, er, me; Lethe Press)
My shot at a David Levithan-esque YA romance, featuring a triad relationship and unabashedly thieving from my own autobiography. Read the debrief post.
>>”A very sweet coming of age story…Loved this one a lot.” Rainbow Gold Reviews
>>”I loved this story so much…Somehow the author managed to write a story that was both innocent and erotic at the same time, which left me totally impressed and in a very happy place.” Love Bytes Reviews

Burning on the Edge of the World, The Biggest Lover (ed. by R. Jackson; Lethe Press)
Erotica featuring the larger-male. More sweet than dirty. But still a bit dirty, like. Read the debrief post.


Golden Hair, Red Lips, Queers Destroy Horror (Nightmare Magazine)
Horror piece that supposes Dorian Gray lived, and places him in the Castro in the middle of the AIDs epidemic. Read the debrief post.
>>”Golden Hair, Red Lips” is heart wrenching.”
>>”The story brushes against the ideas of what is monstrous, what is fear…there is sense of looming dread in the story that is captivating. That drew me on. It’s not a happy read, but it sets the stage well for what the issue can be. Dark, unsettling. Indeed.” Quick Sip Reviews
>>Queers Destroy Horror – Tiptree Award longlisted

Nothing To Worry About, Queen Mob’s Teahouse
Domestic horror, though you won’t know it at first.

Pushkin, Glitterwolf: Halloween II
Lesbian medieval gothic.

Anthologies as Editor

The Myriad Carnival (Lethe Press)
>>Read the Publishers Weekly review
>>Read the Amazing Stories review

Threesome: Him, Him and Me (Lethe Press)
>>Publishers Weekly Starred Review and listed as a ‘Most Anticipated Spring 2016 Release

Gents: Steamy Tales From The Age Of Steam (Lethe Press, forthcoming 2017)
>>Open call for Submissions

A Scandal In Gomorrah: Queering Sherlock Holmes (Lethe Press, forthcoming 2017)
>>Open call for Submissions

Clockwork Cairo: Steampunk Tales of Egypt (Twopenny Press, forthcoming 2017)

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